The sweet things people say

19 May 2016

16:20 Thursday - The key of unijam is to foster conversation so we can shape the University of Enterprise and co-create our plan for the future but gosh, people say some nice things about us!

Beginning your UniSA journey: engaging with Dr Laura-Anne Bull

19 May 2016

15:30 Thursday - Engaging with our students and communities: It’s a hot topic kickstarting 135 conversations this afternoon in UniJam with Jam Host and Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement and Equity, Dr Laura-Anne Bull explaining what key messages are emerging.

We're engaged!

19 May 2016

13:00 Thursday - Just three hours in and the unijam is firing! With over 500 posts per hour and 1,500 concurrent users, the jam continues to spread.

Jam spreading fast

19 May 2016

The jam is spreading fast! The two hours of unijam have been busy ones, with more than 4000 people registered and participation from 50 countries around the world, from Albania to Peru, Uganda to Vanuatu.

Shaping SA’s University of Enterprise with Unijam (two)

19 May 2016

Following its highly successful world first community consultation, Unijam, held in 2013, the University of South Australia is again using state-of-the- art IBM technology to bring experts and the entire University community together to co-create its plan for the future.

Pizza parties!

17 May 2016

To make sure that unijammers across all of UniSA’s campuses have the energy to burn the midnight oil, we’ve set up jam hubs and are holding pizza parties at each campus where you can grab a slice of pizza, have a cold drink and try some other tasty jammy treats.